A 5 Step Program to Improve Diabetes Outcomes

Diabetes is Costly to Industry

1 in 10 have diabetes

1 in 10 have diabetes, but they consume more than 10% of benefits

90 billion in reduced productivity

$90 Billion in Reduced Productivity

prevalence increase

Prevalence increase 53% by 2030

50% of diabetes people that failed to achieve optimal glucose control

50% of people with diabetes fail to achieve optimal glucose control

diabetes exceeds pandemic levels

Diabetes exceeds pandemic levels in US

Fundamental Cause: Burnout and Overwhelm

diabetes fundamental cause
  • People with diabetes struggle to manage the disease.
  • Billions spent on technology without improved outcomes.
  • Providers advocate behavior change but provide no support
  • Frustration & failures lead to burnout & sub-optimal management
  • These struggling individuals impact your financial bottom line
Better Diabetes Life Corporate Wellness Programs

A New Approach Tackles the Real Problem

  • Self-paced 5 Step Online Program
  • Nurse Coaching improves diabetes management – boosts autonomy and builds confidence
  • A holistic approach to change-mangement strategies
  • Addresses the psychosocial aspects of diabetes; self image, emotions, chronic woory, anxiety and general well-being
  • Resolves the diabetes struggle & diabetes burnout
  • Creates an empowered, healthier, and more valuable employee
Patricia Daiker Program Coach

Patricia Daiker, RN
Board Certified Nurse Coach
Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Program Details

  • 25 interactive and engaging coaching lessons
  • Self-paced Online Video Instruction
  • Companion Coaching Activities & Workbook
  • Pre/Post course assessment, quizzes and downloads
  • Led by Patricia Daiker- Board Certified Nurse Coach

Scalable Pricing

  • Fixed Cost/Course
  • Per Employee Per Month
  • Private Label Branding Available
sample activities

Recognized by Diabetes Leaders and Endorsed by Satisfied Users

Don Muchow

“First of all, I wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful course. It was genuinely enjoyable to complete, and I learned things about diabetes management, communications, and myself.”

Don Muchow

Type 1 Diabetic Extreme Ultrarunner & Ironman
insulin nation
diabetes daily

A new approach for companies battling the high cost of diabetes in their workforce.

To learn more about Better Diabetes Life Corporate Wellness Programs, please schedule a time for us to chat.

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