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The Secrets to Living Better You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor

Chances Are – You Are Not New To The World Of Diabetes

It is a hardship that requires your attention 24/7/365 without a day off. It requires resilience, balance, fortitude, and patience. The better you can manage this imperfect situation the better off you will be.

But many people struggle to do what they want to do. They just can’t get there and make it happen. Why??? Our medical system does a good job of telling us “what” to do, but leaves us to our own devices on “how” to do it!.

What You Will Learn

It’s more than just the physical self. Your mind and spirit need support too!. In this eBook, you will learn some of the basic principles that have helped lots of people reduce stress and frustration and live a better diabetes life.

About the Author

Patricia Daiker is a seasoned medical professional and Type 1 Diabetic. After her own frustration with the medical system, she made it her mission to provide diabetics with better tools to face the many challenges of diabetes.

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