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Less than $60 per month for the real skills and support you need for a Better Diabetes Life!

The Better Diabetes Life 5 Step Program includes 25 easy-to-understand video lessons, plus the Companion Home Coaching Journal!  This format allows you the comfort and privacy to explore the content on your terms at your pace.   Simply watch the video, follow the steps online and explore your personal experiences in the workbook.

You will discover and explore the most common reasons why you struggle.  Topics seldom covered in a provider visit, from emotions to motivation, to coping with burnout and feeling you are understood.  You know the basics, but it isn’t as easy as anyone thinks.  Learn how you can find peace and ease in the chaos of diabetes.

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You know you are missing something in your diabetes care plan.  It shouldn't be this hard and you shouldn't have to struggle so much.  The truth is, you need additional support to make the changes necessary for tight glycemic control.  Wishing it were different isn't the answer, you need real help in all areas of your life!  This 5 Step Program provides all the extra information you are missing in a fun and easy format.

The Better Diabetes Life 5 Step Program includes 25 easy to understand Video Lessons + interactive online quizzes and activities + a Companion Home Coaching Journal where your needs and next steps unfold.

Each Step contains 5 Video Lessons by Patricia Daiker and is accompanied by her Home Coaching Journal where you will be guided to explore each topic on a personal and more in-depth level. Activities may include, online quizzes, surveys, links to resources as well as beginning and end of course assessment to track your improvement!  You will learn the skills, tips and tools that will help you manage whatever diabetes throws at you!

  • Step One: All About Diabetes
  • Step Two: My Emotional Roller Coaster
  • Step Three: Using Your Motivation
  • Step Four: It's Your Life - Live It!
  • Step Five: Finding Your Voice

Patricia has walked in your shoes and understands the struggle.  That's why she created this program.  You deserve this extra support and inside information!   Get started now!


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