5 Step Program for a Better Diabetes Life

Choose how you want to explore your road to “Better”

The 5 Step Program Online

Enjoy private, self-paced instruction with the 5 Step Diabetes Program.  The program includes video content with corresponding activities that allow your to explore what’s holding you from you best in a discreet and non-rushed environment.   You will discover what you have been missing all this time AND what to do to get moving in a direction that works for You, Your Life and YOUR Diabetes.

Choose from the basic 5 Step Program that includes all the materials, content and information you need for your Better Diabetes Life!


Choose the 5 Step Program + Group Coaching.  This in an incredible value!  You receive everything in the basic program, plus a printed copy of the Home Coaching Journal, a copy of Patricia’s inspirational book, “Dragonfly Lights – Learning About Your Perfect Purpose” AND a year’s worth of LIVE group coaching.  Group coaching is currently meeting at 7pm CST via Zoom by invitation only.  We cover the topics that are most important to you and you’ll benefit from hearing about others situations.

Scroll through the images below for a Sneak Peak of the Program!

Chapter 1: All About Diabetes

Step 1: All About Diabetes

Lesson 1: Diabetes at a Cellular Level
Lesson 2: Types and Causes of Diabetes
Lesson 3: Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes
Lesson 4: Complications of Diabetes
Lesson 5: Treatment and Management of Diabetes
Video Lessons

Video Lessons

Each lesson begins with a brief “getting ready to learn” meditation followed by incredibly rich video course content narrated by Patricia Daiker.
Chapter 2: My Emotional Rollercoaster

Step 2: My Emotional Rollercoaster

Lesson 1: Why is it so hard?

  • Understand how your beliefs, needs, wants and current coping strategies impact you

Lesson 2: Wait, I’m grieving?

  • Introducing grief that happens when you lose the life you thought you would have

Lesson 3: “I’m not having this”

  • Denial & anger – normal parts of grief and they have purpose

Lesson 4: The high highs and low lows

  • Bargaining and depression – again normal parts of grief how to recognize/move through

Lesson 5: The path to acceptance

  • Light at the other end of the tunnel, when you work through grief
Course Layout

Course Layout

The Course is self-guiding and each new activity is presented upon completion of the previous step. All content is available for manual navigation on the left course outline.
Chapter 3: Using Your Motivation

Step 3: Using Your Motivation

Lesson 1: Understanding Your Actions

  • How behavior is driven by instincts, needs and beliefs

Lesson 2: What Do You Need?

  • Understand the influence of what you need

Lesson 3: You Do What Your Believe

  • Exploring your belief systems – the key to change

Lesson 4: Are You Ready For Change?

  • Learning new ways to approach changes

Lesson 5: Stepping Into Your Power

  • Choosing with intent and purpose
Home Coaching Journal

Home Coaching Journal

The home coaching journal provides space for notes, completion of Pop Quizzes and other activities
Chapter 4: It’s YOUR Life – Live it!

Step 4: It’s YOUR Life – Live it!

Lesson 1: Your Unwanted Roommate

  • Understanding the intrusion diabetes is to your life

Lesson 2: Person Centered Care

  • Creating wellness around YOU

Lesson 3: Ownership

  • Intention and Responsibility = Freedom

Lesson 4: Self-Care

  • Taking care of your entire person, not just your diabetes

Lesson 5: Maximizing Your Office Visit

  • Strategies for getting what YOU need


In addition to the video and journal, the course contains quizzes and other tools
Chapter 5: Finding YOUR Voice

Step 5: Finding YOUR Voice

Lesson 1: Communication is Healthy
Lesson 2: My Five C’s of Great Communication

  • Clarify, Curiosity, Collect, Create, and Courage

Lesson 3: Curiosity Opens Doors

  • Finding power with great questions

Lesson 4: Receiving What You Want

  • The art of listening

Lesson 5: Great Communication Tips

  • Examples of phrases and strategies for handling tough conversations.
  • 5 Step Online Program that teaches you what you have been missing!
  • 25 insightful and educational lessons organized by my 5 Key Coaching Strategies
  • Each video lesson is accompanied by my Home Coaching activities which include a workbook, quizzes, scoring tools, and personal journal.
  • Access to my VIP Facebook group
  • Everything in the 5 Step Program
  • A preprinted copy of the Home Coaching Journal
  • And my gift to you, a free copy of my book “Dragonfly Lights – Finding Your Perfect Purpose”
  • Plus, ongoing mentoring and support with twice-monthly group coaching zoom calls for a year (an $1800 value)

**  Payment options available to fit your budget!   Monthly Subscription, 3 EZ payments or Pay in Full.

*Try the program for 14 days.  If not completely satisfied, send an email to [email protected]betterdiabeteslife.com and explain why you are dissatisfied. Once we receive your request, program access will immediately terminate. A full refund of the amount paid less a 5% processing charge will be posted to the credit card used of payment. The credit should appear within 21 days of your request or on the next billing cycle.

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