Unfortunately, with diabetes comes a barrage of misinformation. Fortunately, I’ve compiled the biggest myths of the bunch to bring you this

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5 Big Myths of Diabetes Busted

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About the Author: Patricia Daiker

A Registered Nurse and Board-Certified Nurse Coach, I was well-versed in Diabetes, from a medical standpoint. Having treated hundreds of patients, I was convinced I had a clear understanding of this growing epidemic. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed Type 1 at the young age of 26, that I realized how much more I still had yet to learn. It was in my personal journey that I identified an enormous void in the treatment process. While medical providers were plentiful, patients were still left in the lurch when it came to dealing with everyday life under this newfound prognosis.

It prompted me to create Better Diabetes Life. Designed to bridge the gap between medical science and daily application, my renowned 5-step program gives clients their life back. I’ve walked this path personally to return to the wife, mother, and friend I was always meant to be, and I’m here to show you the way. Simply put, helping others live their best life is what really sets my soul on fire.

Patricia Daiker

Patricia Daiker

RN & Certified Nurse Coach
Founder of Better Diabetes Life

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“Very enlightening and thought provoking! Patricia helped me self-identify everything I was feeling and understand the reason behind the rhyme.”

Christie - Type 2 - 11 years

“Very refreshing for someone to put a positive spin on dealing with the hardships of living with diabetes. “

Lisa - Type 1 - 50 years

“I tried the program recently and thought, damn, if this existed a decade or three ago, I could have saved 40+ years of figuring out how to fix my diabetes mindset the hard way.” 

Don Muchow - Type 1 - Ultramarathoner

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