Real Help for Managing Diabetes 

The secret to better diabetes is not focusing on what you can’t do.  It’s building resilience so you can manage no matter what diabetes throws your way.   

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See Your Diabetes from a New Perspective

“Burnout is a major hurdle for people living with diabetes”

Managing diabetes is no walk in the park

Unpredictable. Frustrating. Depressing.

I ended this emotional rollercoaster and you can too. My breakthrough coaching solution is now available as a 5 Steps Program.  It goes beyond traditional diabetes management.  It is founded in real science and addresses all aspects of your life, especially the frustration and despair of burnout.  Aren’t you ready for a Better Diabetes Life?

Patricia Daiker, RN, NC-BC

Author: Better Diabetes Life Program

My New Approach Is More Than Diet and Exercise

Resilience improves outcomes for people with diabetes — the ability to adapt and be flexible.

You need these skills, yet doctors don’t help in this area. My program teaches vital skills to build resilience. Learn the 5 Key Strategies that empower you and will improve your diabetes management.

5 Key Strategies






1. Education

With diabetes education, the more knowledge you have the better you’re able to live with the disease.

2. Emotions

Deep emotions are a real part of a diabetes diagnosis and many people don’t realize what’s happening to them.

3. Motivation

If you change how you think and do what you believe is right, you’re more likely to do what’s best for you and your health.

4. Ownership

Taking ownership of diabetes is all about finding what works for you and living life on your terms.

5. Communication

It can be hard to say what you want to say, but speaking your truth is one of THE best things you can do to live a healthy diabetes life.

My Program

Your Pathway to Less Struggle and More Balance for only $30 a Month


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Chelsea, Type 1 – Pumper, Looper

“Patricia gave me a new way to think about my diabetes.  I like thinking about it almost as someone else!”

Chris Collins – Type 2

“Patricia helped me see that I don’t need to beat myself up every morning.”

Katrina K. – Type 2

“Patricia helped me see my numbers as information that provides choices”

Lisa – Type 1 > 50 years

“Very refreshing for someone to put a positive spin on dealing with the hardships of living with diabetes. Really learned a lot like how to identify issues and ask for help.”

John W – Type 2, Newly diagnosed

“I never thought that being prepared for an appointment was important. This has changed after today.”


Whether you’re recently diagnosed, locked in a lifelong struggle or burnt out from  the daily grind of diabetes, Better Diabetes Life 5 Step Program can help.  Its a fun and easy way to learn what you won’t hear from your doctor. Gain valuable insights into why you struggle and learn strategies for a new approach to create your better diabetes life.

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