It’s What You Have Been Missing

“Burnout is a major hurdle for people living with diabetes”

Managing diabetes is no walk in the park, but you already know that.  If you are struggling, I want you to know you are not alone and it’s not your fault! I have been there and completely understand.  You are just missing the tools to deal with all that you are going through.

That’s why I created my breakthrough 5 Step Program

To guide you to YOUR breakthrough at YOUR pace.  It’s not another diet plan or exercise regimen.  The fundamentals are founded in science and successful change management strategies.  It helps you manage all the parts of your life impacted by diabetes, not just your glucose levels.

Patricia Daiker,RN, NC-BC

Type 1 Diabetic | Board Certified Nurse Coach Specializing in Diabetes
Author: Better Diabetes Life Program

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Guided Meditation for Diabetes With Patricia Daiker
Coaching talks, guided meditation, daily affirmations, healing practices, live sessions and recorded topics.
All on Insight Timer

Diabetes affects all of your body, mind and spirit. To keep motivated, energized, and ready to face what diabetes will throw your way, enjoy a relaxing and restorative meditation. Just sit back, listen, and give yourself some much needed peace and healing.

A Fresh Approach

Where medicine focuses on glucose control,

Better Diables Life helps you:


        • Understand the systems that impact your glucose
        • Overcome frustration
        • Navigate anger and sadness
        • Feel heard and communicate what you need
        • Tap into the energy you needed to do the work of diabetes
        • Connect with people who understand


Imagine understanding this!

  • What diabetes does in your body
  • How to handle painful emotions
  • The source of persistent energy
  • Strategies to feel in control
  • Why you feel unheard 

Step One: Education

– Get back to the basics of diabetes.
– Simple videos so you understand what is happening in your body.
– Even if you have had diabetes for some time, it’s a smart idea to revisit what is really going on inside.

Step Two: Emotions

– Learn what’s really behind the pain and sadness of diabetes.  It may not be what you think!
– Recognize where you are, and how to navigate through strong feelings.
– Understand the purpose of your emotions and how they are helping you (really -they are!)


Step Three: Motivation

– Find out the difference between willpower and motivation and which one is best for you.
– Reveal your personal motivation style and use it to your advantage.
– Identity what is really keeping your from achieving your goals. Spoiler alert!  It’s not a lack of education.

Step Four: Ownership

– Recognize the signs that diabetes has the upper hand in your life and learn how to take charge
– Learn the single-most important thing you can do to feel more empowered and capable.
– Discover Person-Centered-Care and how that can dramatically improve your health.

Step Five: Communication

– Uncover how your speech habits may be sabotaging you.

– Develop a solid approach so you get what you need from your providers.

– Learn strategies so your voice is heard and you get more of what you want.

“What They’re Saying”

Vickie McWatters, T1D, Director Of Development at American Diabetes Association

 “Thank you so much for coming to our Insulin Pumper’s support group.Your words were filled with inspiration and encouragement. It gave us all permission to take our diabetes management one small bite at a time.”

Dwayne J. – Type 2

“I have hope now. My A1c is on the way down while my mindset, skills, and attitude are on the way up. . .way, way up!

Colleen D – Type 1

“Working with Patricia has been a life-changing gift I wish I could give to every diabetic on the planet!”

Carrie – Type 1 

“Patricia GETS what the issues are and has practical, loving tools to help both medical professionals and those with diseases. “

Don Muchow – TID, extreme ultra runner, T1Determined

I wish this program existed a decade or three ago, I could have saved 40+ years of figuring out how to fix my diabetes mindset the hard way!”

A Better Life is Possible!  Don’t Wait.

Whether you’re recently diagnosed, locked in a lifelong struggle, or burnt out from the daily grind of diabetes, Better Diabetes Life 5 Step Program can help.  It’s a fun and easy way to learn what you won’t hear from your doctor. Gain valuable insights into why you struggle and learn strategies for a new approach to create your better diabetes life.

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