Mission & Vision

Support for the Psychosocial Needs of Diabetes


The mission of Dragonfly Lights, LLC is to provide support and inspiration for people dealing with chronic health issues, so they are empowered to live healthier and happier in ways meaningful to them.


Our vision is a diabetes standard of care for people with living with diabetes that includes coping skills, motivational tools and stress management support.

A Company to Transform Diabetes 

Dragonfly Lights, LLC is owned by Patricia Daiker, a registered nurse, author, diabetes coach and executive with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

The company was founded in 2017 as a vehicle to address the gaps in diabetes care, specifically in the areas of motivation and support.  It consists of for profit and not for profit entities.

Better Diabetes Life is the primary entity and provides direct support and services to people living with diabetes.  Programs serve individuals and corporate wellness programs.

Dragonfly Lights Foundation is a non-profit division of the company whose purpose is to provide scholarships for Better Diabetes LIfe programs and services to those in need.  Dragonfly Lights foundation is also committed to alleviating the financial burdens of diabetes through upcycling of supplies and stipends for insulin.  This mission is in the planning stages and looking for investors and supporters.  Contact Patricia@betterdiabeteslife.com for more information.

Patricia’s mission is to change how you think about and deal with your diabetes by teaching coping skills, change management strategies and providing emotional support.

The Dragonfly is a symbol of transformation, awakening and emotional maturity and represents the journey of a life with diabetes.  Light is a metaphor for growth, awareness and spiritual connection.  Together these symbols personify the company’s passion and commitment.

Our Diabetes Coaching Framework

Whether you were diagnosed last week or ten years ago, we can all relate to the challenges and frustrations that come with a diabetes diagnosis. With little to no guidance from doctors and traditional medicine, we are left to fend for ourselves as we try to negotiate our everyday lives with diabetes.

System Failure Points

  • Current standard – education (on glucose monitoring and diet) & medication regime yields poor outcomes
  • It is very unlikely that someone will achieve lifetime success with something they hate/fear.
  • Incomplete or unrealized grieving leaves people in stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression which further exacerbate non-compliance and treatment failure.
  • Psych medication is often given to palliate symptoms.
  • Behavior modification (change management) cannot be done in provider office visits & requires work.
  • Feelings of perpetual failure can lead to abandonment of optimal diabetes management.

Our diabetes coaching framework addresses these life skills and focuses on the individual as whole and complete, fully able to discern which choices will work best for them.  It is a holistic perspective that includes a person’s body, mind and spirit, believing all three parts must work in tandem to achieve optimal outcomes and wellness.



Diabetes education will always be a cornerstone of diabetes management.  It is important to understand the disease process so you can make informed and meaningful choices.


A diabetes life brings much change, struggle and loss.  The sense of self is compromised and grieving occurs.  Working through these negative and volatile emotions requires intentional focus and new awareness.  If left unprocessed, they further contribute to feelings of despair and failure.  


Doctors will tell you that if you just do this list of things, you’ll be able to manage diabetes. The trouble is, when that list includes changing the very ways in which you live for life, it’s very hard to achieve without a new perspective. Fear and will power only take you so far.  Lasting change has to come from inside.


Diabetes is a self-managed disease requiring 24/7/365 attention.  Yet often patient and provider relationships can leave you feeling a victim.  Finding your purpose and power can bolster your willingness to do diabetes in ways that work for you.


Being able to communicate every aspect of your life with diabetes is a huge part of successfully living with the disease.  Improving how your communicate with, and feel heard by others improves your outlook and connections.

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