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You have skills!


Like me, managing diabetes remains a priority and you are adept at changing your game to handle whatever life throws at you.  Nice!

I would imagine that you have struggled with diabetes and found lessons in your struggles.  Sure it can be frustrating, expensive, and play unfairly, but you own the experience and manage your stress and expectations.

Support to manage diabetes distress remains a great void in modern diabetes care.  My mission is to bridge that gap by offering tools, new perspectives, and biohacks that promote maximum wellness.

Check out this BLOG I wrote to learn my favorite biohack!

Please join me to stay informed, give back, and create a Better Diabetes Life for all of us.

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If you ever need an experienced guide to help you over some bumps in the road, I am here for you!

Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach

Patricia Daiker
Patricia Daiker, RN, NC-BC

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“I wish this program existed a decade or three ago, I could have saved 40+ years of figuring out my diabetes mindset the hard way!”

Don Muchow - TID, extreme ultra runner, T1Determined

“This program helped me to better understand how I could manage my diabetes with less stress and anxiety. “

Christie - Type 1.5

“Your words are filled with inspiration and encouragement. It helps us all to take our diabetes management one small bite at a time.”

Vickie - T1D, Director Of Development at ADA


Whether you’re recently diagnosed or a diabetes veteran, there is always something that can help you manage better.  Just like in baseball, coaching helps you play your game better!

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