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Diabetes is a roller coaster,

time for some relief.

Based on your results, diabetes can get the best of you some days, yet you aren’t giving up!

I get it!  You can “do” all the things correctly and still not have the results you want.  As much as we try for perfection, it can remain elusive which is super frustrating!

There are good reasons why people struggle to make the changes they want to.

The truth is, it’s not your fault. Your providers only tell you ‘what’ to do, then leave you on your own to figure out ‘how’ it will work in YOUR life each and every day.

Even as a registered nurse, I still struggled for a long time, not realizing what was really holding me back.

What I learned was that I didn’t have all the skills I needed for this diabetes journey.  I kept doing what I knew and kept landing in the same struggle!

Today we call this diabetes distress and it is my mission to reverse this chronic cycle by offering you innovative tools, new perspectives, and holistic bio-hacks that promote maximum wellness and help you see what you are missing.

It is understanding your own preferences, biases, and coping skills that make a difference.  It has to be about you and your world or it won’t work!

Whether you want to subscribe to my blog, join me for an Insight Timer meditation, follow me on social media, or take advantage of my coaching services, there are options for YOU!

All from the privacy of your home, on your timeline, and in your own way!

Welcome to the next step towards “better”!

Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach

Patricia Daiker

Patricia Daiker, RN, NC-BC

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“I wish this program existed a decade or three ago, I could have saved 40+ years of figuring out my diabetes mindset the hard way!”

Don Muchow - TID, extreme ultra runner, T1Determined

“Very refreshing for someone to put a positive spin on dealing with the hardships of living with diabetes. “

Christie - Type 1.5

“Your words are filled with inspiration and encouragement. It helps us all to take our diabetes management one small bite at a time.”

Vickie - T1D, Director Of Development at ADA


Whether you’re recently diagnosed or locked in a lifelong struggle, you can learn new skills to manage the challenges of living with diabetes. Gain valuable insights into why you struggle and strategies for a new approach resulting in a better diabetes life.

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