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I see you are struggling

Based on your results, I can see diabetes is taking its toll on your life. I am so sorry.

I know that pain all too well. I imagine many days it feels impossible and not worth the effort.  You likely feel very judged and criticized by providers and some family members.

There are good reasons why people struggle and it has nothing to do with your efforts or sanity.

The truth is, it’s not your fault.  Diabetes burnout is real.  It happens when you have exhausted all your coping resources.  You literally have no mental or physical energy to do the work.  Your nervous system has shut down.  You are in survival mode.

I have been there, I understand and can help you.

It begins with getting “unstuck”.  This happens, often quite quickly, with some new perspective, some new tools, and some support while you build up your reserves.

Whether you want to subscribe to my blog, join me for an Insight Timer meditation, follow me on social media, or take advantage of my coaching services, there are options for YOU!

I encourage you to take action now.  What you don’t know is making things so much harder.  It has worked for so many others.  Read their stories here.

Your “better” is one click away.

I am here for you!

Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach

Patricia Daiker
Patricia Daiker, RN, NC-BC

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“I wish this program existed a decade or three ago, I could have saved 40+ years of figuring out my diabetes mindset the hard way!”

Don Muchow - TID, extreme ultra runner, T1Determined

“Very refreshing for someone to put a positive spin on dealing with the hardships of living with diabetes. “

Christie - Type 1.5

“Your words are filled with inspiration and encouragement. It helps us all to take our diabetes management one small bite at a time.”

Vickie - T1D, Director Of Development at ADA


Whether you’re recently diagnosed or locked in a lifelong struggle, you can learn new skills to manage the challenges of living with diabetes. Gain valuable insights into why you struggle and strategies for a new approach resulting in a better diabetes life.

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