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Dragonfly Lights – Learning About Your Perfect Purpose

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This is a beautifully illustrated book for children of all ages who are perfectly imperfect and need inspiration and support, specifically with chronic illness.

Our dragonfly begins his journey on earth and learns about why he is here. While on earth he is given a special space ship that takes him on a trip that only he can take. He learns many lessons about his perfect purpose, his faulty space ship, and the friends he meets along the way. On the surface the book is a colorful story of a fun little insect flying around in a space ship! What is not to love? But there are deeper lessons.

Dragonfly is perfect and unbroken just like our true inner selves, despite having a ship or body that doesn’t quite work as others do. This book is for all children (and maybe some adults!) who suffer with chronic disease, disability or self-doubt. It is a wonderful tool to explain the perfection of uniqueness, the struggles we sometimes face and the reason it is all worthwhile. Be sure to order Dragonfly Lights Activity Book! A companion book of color and activity pages so kids can further explore what makes them special! On Amazon now: http://a.co/d/3IfQUvI

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