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Step 2 begins your discovery into why diabetes is such a struggle.  It is so much more than just taking care of your glucose levels.  When you are better able to understand your feelings and emotions, you will gain clarity and new insight into why you feel the way you do. Just know your feelings are valid, they have reason and purpose as you will discover.

Each lesson starts with “Getting Ready to Learn”, a guided meditation that will help you transition from your busy life to a calm and receptive state. Enjoy this indulgent step of self-care that will improve your experience!

Watch the video and follow along in your journal. Next, take the quiz and complete your journal activities. Give yourself plenty of time to explore these activities, consider your story and note any goals or “aha” moments! When that happens, you just changed for good! The last step is a quick feedback survey to share your thoughts and suggestions! I am very anxious to hear what you have to say!

To begin, click Lesson 1 below.

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