Here’s is what to do

  1. Download and print the curiosity journal
  2. For at least 1 week keep track of the following:
    1. Date/time of what you did
    2. What food you ate and how many carbs were in the food (use the box label or look up  in an app or online.  I like THIS ONE)
    3. What medicine  you took
    4. Your blood sugar readings.  Be sure to take some 2 hours after you eat so you can tell how your body reacts
    5. Any activity or exercise
    6. Hours and quality of sleep
    7. General mood and how you are feeling
  3. Now – get CURIOUS!  What do you notice??


Do you see any cause and effect with blood sugars and certain food, meds or activity? 

Do you wish you had more data?  Consider where the gaps are and how you can fill them in (maybe a few more blood sugar checks?)

You don’t need to fill in every column for every row – just the ones that make sense.  But do get a time for every row.

Are there foods that impact your blood sugar more than others?

There is no perfect diabetes, but understanding how your body is working is the first step.   Now you can make more informed choices.

If you have questions, be sure to share this information with your provider.   It can be VERY helpful in making adjustments.

Did you find this activity helpful?

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Curious About Carbs Video

If you missed it the first time or want to hear it again, here’s a quick link!   Enjoy!


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