5 Step Program Plus Online Coaching


Transform your diabetes management!

Just watch a video to learn new concepts, then follow the instructions to uncover how they have affected your life!

You will learn:

  • The big secrets your providers will never talk about
  • Why the medical system cannot help you deal with the frustration and failure
  • How to work with your natural instincts and desires to make change
  • How to create a diabetes plan you can actually live with
  • Why you feel like no one understands and how to change that

Experience 25 hours of transformative content that can greatly change your perspective on managing diabetes.

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What to Expect:

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions and access to the course.

  • Log in at BetterDiabetesLife.com on the top right of the page
  • Watch the "how to video" and  access the Home Coaching Journal
  • Do the Initial Pretest Lesson to establish your current stress level
  • Book your Initial Coaching Session
  • After we meet, begin Step 1 by watching the first video and follow along with your workbook
  • Each video begins with an activity that helps you unwind and get into a learning state
  • After the video, do the activities listed and answer the 3 survey questions
  • Complete any other activities in the workbook
  • Reflect on the content and capture your thoughts

Allow time between videos to process the information.  Repeat for remaining video lessons.

The 5 Step Program Plus Coaching is the ultimate experience to revamp your approach to diabetes. It is the culmination of clinical research, holistic practices, change management theory, coping skills, and trauma-informed care delivered by a compassionate fellow diabetic with clinical and coaching skills that are unique in the industry.

In short, you will learn how to cope with the diabetes lifestyle so you can get back to living your life, in five steps that will have you nodding your head and saying "Why didn't someone tell me this sooner!?"

You need and deserve more than you are getting.  Invest in yourself and take your life back.   Get started now!


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