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Step 1 covers the basics of diabetes. There are five lessons in the chapter. You start with understanding what is going on inside our body at a cellular level when glucose regulation is malfunctioning. Next, you will explore the conditions which cause different types of diabetes. Then an overview of how those conditions manifest in your body and the damage and problems that result from diabetes. You finish up with how to treat and manage your condition. Most of this will be a review, but it is important to make sure you have a solid foundation of understanding. And I think it is never a bad thing to revisit the basics, no matter how long since you have been diagnosed.

You should have received a welcome email with your Home Coaching Journal information.  Here is a link to the printable PDF version or you can purchase a preprinted copy from Amazon.  (If you purchased the Complete Course Plus Home Coaching, you will receive the preprinted copy in the mail.)

Each lesson starts with “Getting Ready to Learn”, a guided meditation that will help you transition from your busy life to a calm and receptive state. Enjoy this indulgent step of self-care that will improve your experience!

Watch the video and follow along in your journal.  Next, take the quiz and complete your journal activities. Give yourself plenty of time to explore these activities, consider your story and note any goals or “aha” moments! When that happens, you just changed for good! The last step is a quick feedback survey to share your thoughts and suggestions! I am very anxious to hear what you have to say!

To begin, click Pretest Lesson below.

This is the Chapter One Home Coaching Journal - download, print and follow along as you watch the videos. Complete each lesson by doing the activities in the journal. Give yourself plenty of time to engage in these activities, consider your story and note any goals or "aha" moments! When that happens, you just changed for good!

DWYD Workbook - Ch 1

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