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When faced with fear, choose to let it motivate you, not paralyze you.

We all experience so many things in our lives that cause us fear.  Diabetes certainly can create enormous amounts of fear.  Each of us is all to aware of the damage we can sustain by low blood sugar, high blood sugar and potential damage to our organs.  Fear can paralyze us so we freeze and don’t move – a good thing when you come upon a snake.  It can cause us to take action – to fight when necessary or to flee.    When the adversary is tangible, the response becomes very clear.  But when the fear is something manufactured or magnified in our thoughts, the reaction may not align as well with a good outcome.    When the fear of all the potential badness that diabetes can bestow upon you occurs, it is better to act.  Use this fear of “what if”, “why me” and “oh my” to motivate you to do the right thing.  Check your blood sugar, eat the right food, take the medicine, do the exercise, journal your feelings, talk to someone, speak your truth.  You know what it is deep down.  Dissect the fear to understand where it is coming from.  Then do the best thing for you and the fear will begin to melt away.


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