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No one will be good at something they hate.

I truly believe this statement.   There are quite a few things in life I really don’t like – hate would not be too strong a word.  Heights and snakes are two.  Without doing any work to overcome these “dislikes”, my natural inclination is to avoid them at all costs.  Stay far away from the edges of high places, avoid grassy, damp, swampy areas.   Stay in my comfort zone.  But if,  for some reason, my life depended upon living on a cliff or in a swamp I would have some choices to make.  Stay inside and avoid any contact with said scary things OR figuring out how to overcome my fears, take control and adapt to my new environment.  Even though the latter scenario requires some significant work on my part, that life “feels” better than one of avoiding the truth about my situation and missing out on all that life has to offer.

Diabetes used to feel the same way, but I did the work, wrestled with my demons and conquered my fear and hate.  The view is pretty nice now.  It was worth the effort.

I was worth the effort.



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