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When in a plateau or dark place, connection is the cure.

When you live with a chronic illness or disability, there will be days that you feel you aren’t making progress, that everything is unfair and you become confused about your purpose and direction.  This is to be expected.  It is part of the deal and it will happen.  The natural tendency is to withdraw, to move away from the pain and seek solace in solitude.  There is a time for this solitude and it is healthy for a while, but when you are done with it, the best way out is to find someone who “gets’ you.  Connection with another soul who understands you is how it gets better.  Social media has made it possible for us to connect with others who share our path.  Find them.

I was compelled to write this today.  These words were for someone out there.  Maybe you?  If you don’t have someone, send me a line.  I will connect with  you.



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