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Hypoglycemia – Being Grateful for the Scary Things

Last nigh my blood sugar dropped to 43 – the dreaded hypoglycemia.  I still hate it, as it feels as close to death as I have ever been.  When I worked in the ER it wasn’t uncommon to see people with blood sugars that low unconscious and sometimes seizing.  I consider myself so blessed I have not experienced either.  But what woke my from a deep slumber, through a foggy starved brain?  A nightmare!  The scariest stuff you can imagine!  I awoke gasping and confused, heart racing, covered in sweat and afraid.  It took me a moment to gain enough clarity to realize what was going on  and get some sugar, but I did and no one in the household even knew what happened.  Yet on some deep level, somewhere in my soul, someone did know I needed help and scared me awake.  So as much as nightmares are scary and unpleasant, I am so grateful to my amazing body for doing what it needed to keep me safe.



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