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Its never a bad time to take care of yourself.

It always seems hypoglycemia rears its ugly head at the worst time!  On a day when you want to be at your best, brilliant and articulate it sneaks in.  Perhaps you start feeling a little hungry and think “Ah, almost time for lunch!”, surely that is it.  “Maybe the room is just a bit warm”, surely that is why I am feeling a little damp.  But then the voice of reason gets a little foggy and you know you have arrived in The Land of The Lows.  Meanwhile,  the judging voices in your head are clear as a bell!! “Dang it, What did you do this time?  This is important! What will they think if you must pause and get some sugar?  How can we hide it? Maybe we can ride it out and it will go away?”  Sound familiar??

These are the times when the grown up, strong voice inside must speak out.  “Do what you must.  It is important. Do it now.  You are worth it.”  Listen to that voice, it is the truth.  There is never a bad time to take care of yourself.



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