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What would happen if it all worked out OK?

When one lives with a chronic illness, there is always some degree of underlying fear about all the bad things that might happen, that everything won’t be OK.  If we aren’t careful, that feeling of impending doom can bleed over into other areas of our life as well. We can walk through life with our guard up constantly ready to stave off any unpleasantness.  If you turn and look back, you will find that most of your worry and fear was for nothing.  Most of the time we really are OK.  We tend to really remember and stay focused on what didn’t work and forget about how much went off without a hitch.  How different would your life be if it were filled with an expectancy that everything would be OK  and then hang on to those memories no matter how small?

My challenge for you today, is to act as if everything will be OK and see how your day goes.  Let me know!



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