Connection Through Community

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Connection Through Community

It really is a “wow” moment to connect with other people who have diabetes.   I feel an immediate connection when I see someone’s pump on their belt or see them testing.  Without truly knowing them, I get them.  At least a part of them.  And I feel like they get me.  Well a part of me.   It is an intimate and vulnerable moment – as they know some of  your very personal secrets.  But because they know, it somehow makes you #FeelBetter, which is what I am all about.  If in any given moment we can find some small or large way to feel a bit better, you are taking the reins of you life in a positive direction.  Community does that.
There have been a lot of connections this week so I am summing it up in this recap post.  Happy Easter!
Radio Interview – Global connections!  Listen Here
Community Lecture at the Library and Launch of Support Group


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