Be the best at diabetes YOU can be. It is a game that only YOU can win!

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If you are dealing with diabetes and feel like it is unfair, you can’t win and it is controlling your life, it is time to change the rules of the game.    You are allowed to do that.  You can decide that it doesn’t have to be perfect.   You can decide that you are only human and doing the best you can.   You can decide that your blood sugar or A1c does not always correlate to your self worth.  You can decide that a bad fingerstick or CGM number does not mean you are a bad person.

Diabetes is an unfair and imperfect game.  Practice tolerance, self-love and self-understanding.  Instead of trying to be a perfect diabetic, try to be the best version of you. That joyful, hopeful, creative, planning, desiring and worthwhile you who was meant to do great things!  That is a game worth playing!

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