Dealing With YOUR Diabetes

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My mission is to help people live better with diabetes by bringing awareness to the real challenge of managing diabetes: dealing with it all day every day. Sure we all know what to do, but just knowing isn’t enough. We have to face every challenge and figure out the best way to handle it. And do that in ways that align with your goals, beliefs, and sense of purpose.  If not, we struggle.

Dealing with YOUR diabetes

I am creating a new series of products to help support my mission, so I wanted the product name to be very clear. My new products and services are designed to help people learn new ideas and ways of thinking about diabetes, so they can let go of patterns and perceptions that no longer are helpful. News ways of “dealing with it”. It all starts between your ears. You will do what you believe so that is where I focus. “Ah-ha” moments that allow something new to take root and help you deal with it in new ways.

Similarly, It has to be personal! It is YOUR diabetes. No one else. It’s learning what YOU are willing to do and what works in your world. Not what works in the doctor’s office. My products include webinars, more group coaching (online!) and coming soon – online video coaching! I am so excited about the home coaching! I know how hard it is to pick up the phone and call someone.  I want to help deal with diabetes as openly or secretly as you are ready! It’s your choice!

Despite the new product name and website, Dragonfly Lights will always be the name of my company. It was divinely inspired and represents the transformation and growth we go through to become the best version of ourselves. So, whether it is diabetes or another challenge, my company will always seek to empower and motivate people to their version of excellence.

Getting Unstuck

Being “Stuck” is no fun, “stuck in a rut”, “stuck in jail”, “stuck in the mud”, “stuck with the bill”. All these phrases depict situations where you can’t move forward and have lost control.  Likewise, I think we can get stuck in patterns of behavior that cause us great pain and suffering. We can get “stuck” believing we are sick because people treat us that way. Or “stuck” believing everyone else has it better than we do. Or “stuck” believing that someday, when something happens, we will feel better. For me “dealing with diabetes” is all about getting unstuck from feeling powerless, unheard,  without choice, hating life, and wishing it were different. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to feel powerful, listened to, full of options, loving every day and being satisfied with this day in your life???


What if I told you, you have the capacity to get “unstuck”? Would you do it?? We all have the ability to learn new skills that help you move and see things anew. But it does require letting go of what no longer serves you and venturing into some new places that may be uncomfortable at first. Sort of like riding a bike – wobbly and unsteady until you fully let go and push forward. Then it becomes so fun and in time, second nature. It all begins by making a choice that you want to ride that bike, despite your fears. If you are “stuck” in diabetes, maybe its’ time to shake things up a bit?! Try something different. It’s that old saying “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always gotten”.


We all deal with diabetes all day long, but if you feel like it’s more about diabetes and less about YOU, perhaps there are some skills you are missing. If you are curious and want to learn more, I have a few options for you:

  • Register for my webinar series “Dealing With YOUR Diabetes” It a free event that takes place online for the next for weeks on Wednesdays at noon central. This week we are talking about Grief! (has anyone ever talked to you about diabetes and grief?? Lots to learn! Register
  • Schedule a free 30 minute introduction to Diabetes Coaching call with me. Schedule
  • Update your preferences for new weekly posts format!
    • Monday – Blog post with tips, tricks, thoughts and motivation
    • Tuesday – News stories that are pertinent to diabetes
    • Wednesday – Stories of our diabetes journeys – email me if you have a story or want me to share your blog.
    • Thursday – Video chat – prefer to listen and not read?  Catch the replay of my FB Live!
    • Friday – Inspiration – a meme style post with quotes and words to keep you going
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So check out the new website! I would love to hear your feedback!

Peace always,




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