Diaversaries and Anniversaries: Oh Those Special Days

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Anniversaries and Diaversaries

As I reflect on my calendar each day while working, I notice there are certain days where I  pause, take notice and reflect.  Not surprisingly, many of those days remind me of joyful occasions: anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, first dates, first steps and many others. Those days something special occurred, and I love to relive and celebrate them even now. It is fun to see an old post on social media,  yellowed pictures in scrap books, or a moment about a song that takes you back to that time. These memories help us stay attached to the moments in our lives that have created who we are.

Sad Days

But sometimes those days are sad. They are the endings. The dates when something changed that can’t be unchanged. Most times they are days of loss. Loss of a love that is gone, Loss of a dream, Loss of a goal, Loss of what we thought life would be like, Loss of someone dear to us. Those days hurt. No matter how far in the past, some days are imprinted on our minds,  they were days reality shattered and created scars. Yet those days also create who we are today. For the diabetes community we all have a “dia-versary.” The day of diagnosis or the day of no turning back. Mine was 7/5/1991. The day everything changed. The day I started insulin – forever.


These memorable days will roll past our calendars, and we may view them with anticipation or dread.    Just remember they are still just days. New days. New days to fill up with experiences. We get to choose 24 hours of life connecting a sunrise to a sunrise. More days will come and go, and some will become a new mark  on our calendars. Some will pass and fade away. Treasure all your days. They are gifts that aren’t guaranteed. Added together they tell your story.





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