Happy Holidays from Patricia!

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Happy Holidays!

I hope you are past all the chaos that the season can bring and settling into some holiday celebrations with your family and friends. With all the preparation in the last few weeks, I was struggling to come up with a fitting year-end and holiday post this year. And diabetes did not disappoint to provide inspiration. This poem was my morning……

Happy Holidays

Dealing with your Diabetes
Patricia Daiker RN, Nurse Coach, Diabetes Coach

2019 was a year full of many blessings and surprises and 2020 is ramping up to surpass it all. Lots of announcements coming in the new year, but as a bit of a peek, I am rebranding and introducing a never before offered pathway to a better diabetes life! I cannot wait to share this with you!

Peace and Joy to you this holiday season!

Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach



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