Memorial Day: Honoring Those Who Gave All

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Memorial Day is a time honored tradition where we pause as a nation to remember and those who lost their lives in battle defending this great country.  In our culture of finger pointing, political correctness, and media inspired polarity, we often forget that the reason we can speak our mind, disagree publically and debate over who is “right”, is because of brave men and women who fought to insure we are a people of opportunity.

Nothing is guaranteed, but the right to try.  There are many places in the world, they don’t have that. I have tried things and failed – and I have learned.  I have tried things and succeeded – and I try to learn more.  I am grateful for the ability to try.

Another battle

Like our soldiers on the battle field, there are others who have fought the fight of diabetes and lost.  Millions of men, women and children who face this battle every day, and some don’t make it. Too many lives lost in a slow dance balancing sugar and insulin on a precarious pinnacle, too close to the abyss.  I don’t really know how long my body would last without insulin, but I am keenly aware that I am likely a week from death at anytime.

100 years ago diabetes was a death sentence, but today, I get to try.  I get to do my humanly best to balance that which God should balance.  I fail often – and I learn.   I succeed often – and I learn more.  I am always grateful for the ability to try.  So I keep trying.

We are More Alike than Different

In a world that wants us believe we are isolated, different, disconnected, alone and victimized, I have to call BS.   I think we humans are more alike than dissimilar.  I believe we all want to be heard, to be valued, to explore, to feel joy and to know love on this earth.

This Memorial Day, what if we honored those who gave all,  and used our hardfought freedoms to try?  Try to find common ground, – Try to see another person’s view – Try to face those things you fear – Try to find a new diabetes pattern – Try to test a little more often – Try to be nicer to yourself – Try taking that walk – Try sharing your pain with someone else –  Try whatever it is you must, even if it is hard.   Try because you have the opportunity.  Nothing is guaranteed except failure, if you don’t try.

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