Supplements for Diabetes?

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If a simple pill seems like a simple fix for a complex disease, Think again!

It still amazes me how many products are advertised as a new solutions to cure diabetes.  These companies play upon the desperate wishes of PWD that diabetes would  just go away.

I actually had one provider (when I was forced to see a PCP to get a referral to my endo) suggest I try not using insulin since I was adult!  He had supplements to sell me! Grrrrrr

There are some antioxidants and probiotics with proven benefits, but you will likely enjoy your life much more if you eat real, nutritious food and do all things in moderation.

Vinegar, cinamon, water diets and magnetic bracelets, chromium picolinate and all the others  gimmicks, benefit the pockets of the vendors, much more than your diabetes management.

Stick to the basics. They work.  There are no unicorns or magic fairy dust that make this all go away.    Make wise choices, watch the carbs, test your blood sugar, notice how your body responds, and be very curious about evolving treatments.

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