What is the motivation for your diabetes plan?

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“Because my doctor told me to” is NOT a good reason

I think the medical community has this idea that their influence and guidance is what makes us do what we do each and every day of our lives to manage diabetes. Don’t get me wrong, their expertise and knowledge is foundational for figuring out our path. But I know how it is on the ‘other side of the needle’ in healthcare and how powerful providers feel. They literally give “orders” for us to follow. But the truth is very little of the choices I make each day reflect what I learned in their office.

Personally, much of my early motivation was about pleasing others and worrying about what other people thought (which BTW, you can’t control – a topic for another blog). Diabetes has taught me that I have to come first. My time on this planet is finite and tightly tied to the availability of insulin. I am more successful and feel better, both mentally and physically, when I do things that I believe in and align with the unique gifts and perspective God gave me. Including managing diabetes. It is beneficial to ME and I chose to do it. This mindset eases a lot of the frustration that accompanies a lifelong endeavor.

Learn from the experts, but live according to your truth

When external drivers are motivating you the risk of failure is higher. We make choices towards things that bring us pleasure or away from things that cause pain. It is rooted in what we internally see as worth it or not. If the only reason you are doing something is to please someone else, it may contradict what you believe and your truth. Ultimately only a struggle will keep you doing it and it’s frustrating to live by someone else’s rules, especially when they don’t make sense to us or feel “bad”.

If you find yourself in struggle-mode, think about your motivation. If the benefit isn’t yours, you need to consider a new strategy. Your treatment plan must align with your core values and beliefs. It may be that you need to change how you view all that stuff your doctor tells says you “should do”. Do it for you!





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