When Diabetes is Out of Your Control

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Despite our best attempts, often no matter our best intentions, life gets in the way and often we can’t control situations that impact our diabetes.


Today diabetes takes a back seat.  My brother is having surgery and that comes first.  In preparation for the day, I loaded up: raisins in case of low blood sugar, ample test strips, money for lunch and drinks, and my pump is fully loaded (although I forgot to fill my car with gas….).  To keep me occupied, I have my laptop, charger cords, daily planner, copies of my  book (you know, in case I run into someone that needs some inspiration or an antsy child), gum, and layers of clothing to deal with the hospital temps.  Breakfast down at 8:30, surgery scheduled for noon with plan for lunch as soon as he was taken back to the OR suite.


Anyone with experience in a hospital knows it involves a lot of waiting. So by noon when we learned things were delayed, it was no big surprise.  Feeling a little hypo at 71, I knew my sugars were dropping.  No worries, down went the raisins.  An hour later, the feeling returns, this time with a bit of fatigue and hunger.  No more raisins, I expected to have had lunch by this time.  Certainly, it wouldn’t be much longer.  It was.   Perusing my choices in the vending machine, a Rice Krispie treat seemed to fit the bill (likely not the best choice, but hunger and comfort urges had taken over).  Waiting causes angst and stress and a general feeling of nervousness, though I breath and relax through it as best I can.


My mouth is like cotton.  Not wanting to risk being in the restroom when the surgeon stops by, I avoid too many fluids.  Coffee from the morning, free coffee in the waiting room.  No water today  By the time he is taken back for surgery it is after 2:00.  Guzzle the giant drink in the hospital cafeteria.  It is never enough, but hate paying all that money for a bottle of water.  Sink water in the OR waiting room?  I think not.  I suck on the ice and chew gum.  Plan – fill up when we get to the floor.  Shouldn’t be long now.  Again don’t want to miss the surgeon when he comes to talk to us.


Waiting is hard work. 5:30 and my bro is still in surgery.  Glucose is 204.   I suppose the lack of hydration doesn’t help.  Bolus to correct.  Break down and pay $3 for silly bottle of water.  Lunch at 2:30 in the hospital cafeteria means the “good” lunch stuff was gone and dinner wasn’t out yet.   Some Chik-Fil-A nuggets and a small side salad seemed like the best option.  Knowing the situation, I increased my insulin a bit for “stress coverage” and an afternoon of sitting.  Apparently not enough.

No failure

A lifetime ago, I would have beaten myself up mentally for not doing better.  Today, I realize days like this just happen.  Stress and unpredictable schedules mean numbers I don’t prefer.  I don’t need more stress, so I give myself grace for keeping at it AND focusing on the right thing today.  Diabetes is always there, but some days it takes a back seat because today a few other things were more important.

Peace and be well,




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