Who do you want to BE this year?

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Happy 2018!

How many of you are working on “doing” something so you can be a better “you” this year?  January is the month for new year’s resolutions and new goals! Changing our diet, changing our exercise, changing our day-to-day routine to become that better version of you,  you know is in there somewhere.  A better spouse, a better athlete, a better student, a better professional or for some of us a better diabetic.   We are all striving for some version of perfection that doesn’t exist –  and deep inside we know it.

That is why most New Year’s resolutions peter out around late February.  We control our impulses and deny our desires fervently with sheer willpower, but the internal battle plays out and the part of you that wants to “do” good succumbs to the part of you wants to “be” better,  and that part really enjoys chocolate chip cookies and binge-watching Netflix.

You see we are all human “beings” not human “doings”.  Cliche, I know, but we tend to forget it.  We are on this fat round planet to experience, observe, delight and grow, not just get stuff done or live according to someone’s definition of perfection.  If you want to really make changes to “be” a better you, then “do” less stuff that you don’t want to.  Most of us have it backward.  We try to do stuff, so we feel better.  But if you strive to feel better, to be better, you will find more energy to do fun stuff.   Be present for the experience instead of just trying to check it off the list.

Outwardly the work may look the same, you may still take a class, or go for a run, or choose something different for a meal, or test your blood sugar more often.  But it’s the inside that matters.  Be attentive and learn something during the class.  Forget the chores until later.  Be mindful of the beauty on the path as you run.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  Feel your strength or weakness and adjust accordingly.  Be in gratitude that you can test your blood sugar and manage your illness to whatever extent you can.

Just be intentional!  Do it because YOU want to.  Do it on YOUR terms.  Do it because YOU find some pleasure in it.  Do it because it benefits no one but YOU.    With this attitude, we can align our life’s activities with our desires and limit the internal tug of war.

So many things to do this year, just make sure to “be” there for them!


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