Why Dragonflies and Diabetes??

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Why Dragonflies and Diabetes?

A quick google search will turn up a myriad of sites about dragonflies and their meanings.  They provide inspiration to so many and they adorn everything from teacups to tattoos.  But it was this definition that initially caught my attention:
For me this definition and symbol captured what I believe to be the key to living a happy and unburdened life with diabetes.  It is an inward journey that starts with accepting change, then understanding who you are, which leads to figuring out your purpose.   It is less about needles, food choices and technology.  Yes all that is important, but if you don’t separate yourself from your dysfunctional body,  you risk confusing what you must do to STAY alive with WHY you are alive.   This took me a while to figure out early on, because when you are dying, figuring out how to stay alive consumes pretty much all of your time.  As it should.


At some point, you are faced with a few choices.  Life can suck or you can get on with it.  Believe me, it is very tempting to stay in “this sucks”.  Self pity can be quite luxurious with all the drama, rescuing, and victim playing. It certainly gets you a lot of attention.  But it isn’t really a happy, creative, moving-forward sort of place.  It is rather stagnant.  Cue part 2 of the dragonfly; it moves in 6 directions – goes where it wants to and needs to, at amazing speeds.   I had an Oprah level “A-Ha” moment when I realized this unwelcome guest named “Diabetes” was sucking the life out of the little time I had left on this planet.   Thank GOD for insulin or the time would be considerably shorter, but the time is FINITE.  There are no “do overs”.  Time to start living while I still could!  Best part is I get to choose!  Of course there are hurdles, challenges and NOTHING is fair, but COME ON!  Go for it!

Seeing the Truth

The other obvious thing about a Dragonfly is its HUGE eyes (why am I into all the capitals with this post?).  If you want to slay the Diabetes Dragon, you have to get very real about everything.  You have to SEE the truth.  What you want. What  you are willing to do. What you must do. What you are not doing.  Your fears.  Your dreams.  Your barriers.  Your supporters.  Your dead weight. Your passion. Your purpose. If you don’t see it, how can you deal with it or make sure it happens??  Only when you open your eyes is the truth apparent.

Change and Grow

The dragonfly starts in the water, then moves to a creature that can move on land or fly in the air.  Always changing, as are we.   Yet we humans tend to cling to the past and memorialize those times.  The good old days.  Before I had diabetes.  When I was single.  When I was in elementary school. Those times will never be.  Today is all we have.  Embrace where you are and what you can do.  Look forward – it is exciting and it is your future!


A symbol of change –  I have learned that the only thing constant  in diabetes is change.
A symbol of emotional maturity – I have learned that diabetes pushes us towards new levels of inward growth.
A symbol of multi-directional movement – I have learned that diabetes should not be stagnant and requires redirection for the rest of our days.
A symbol of eye opening realization – I have learned that diabetes forces us to come to terms with our immortality and our purpose.
A symbol of hope – I have learned that holding on to my dragonfly necklace keeps me on track.  And that is a really good thing.
Keep doing great things!


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