Your Path is Lined with Presents

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Over the river and through the wood to grandmother's house we go!

I love Christmas Carols!    As I continue this month to find inspiration in holiday traditions,  this song reminds me of all the travel that accompanies Christmas gatherings.  We journey to visit family and friends where we exchange gifts and greetings – a beautiful coming together!  If you live with diabetes, you are on a journey as well – one that lasts a lifetime.  On this path, if we look, we can find special presents nestled  along the way!   It requires effort to notice them, but they are there!  Hidden between office visits, finger sticks and sleepless nights,  you may discover the gifts of  courage you didn’t know you had, healing words that help a friend, gratitude for each extra day, humility in unfair suffering or a deeper connection in your relationships.  They give your path meaning and purpose – be sure to notice them!


**Image from my book “Dragonfly Lights – Learning About Your Perfect Purpose.  Available on Amazon:

 This book is for all children (and maybe some adults!) who suffer with chronic disease, disability or self-doubt. It is a wonderful tool to explain the perfection of uniqueness, the struggles we sometimes face and the reason it is all worthwhile. 



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