Your Worst Customer Ever Is Now Your Roommate….Forever

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How it feels to have a chronic disease

It’s the stuff of nightmares.  Picture in your mind one of the most difficult person you have ever had to deal with.  It could be a teacher, colleague, classmate, customer, or neighbor.  Just someone who rubbed you the wrong way, didn’t understand you and always left you feeling depleted after an encounter.   Got it???  Imagine you have to live with that person for the rest of your life 24/7/365.    That should be enough to send shivers up your spine and send your anxiety levels through the roof.   Not fun – huh??  Well, that is how it can feel to have a chronic disease.

I haven’t met anyone diagnosed with diabetes or any other chronic illness who hasn’t struggled with accepting their new situation.  It wasn’t anything they wished for nor deserved, but there it is.  This new guest is not going away and perpetually causes all sorts of changes, struggles, and new demands.    Most of us have tried the same tricks:  Ignore our new roommate and maybe they will go away.  Nope – not happening.  Scream, yell and rage at them (and anyone else in the nearby vicinity).  Nope – still there.  Cry, whine, and beg.  Not one change, roomie doesn’t care.  At some point, most of us have drifted into a sad resolve or depression.  It seems there is no way to avoid this unpleasantness.  Even though there is no way to evict this unwanted roommate, you can change the relationship.

Since your new “friend” isn’t changing, the only way to have peace and joy back in your life is for you to change.  It is your choice and you have all the power.  If you choose to continue you on as you always did, you will likely always struggle.  But if you can manage the relationship on your terms, you gain all the control. It can be as simple as having a plan, so you are pro-active and prepared, not reactive and constantly off balance.  You can intentionally make choices to do things on your terms with a clear understanding of the impact of those decisions.  You want some ice cream?  Have it, just cover it with insulin or exchange it for another carb.  You get to decide.    It feels good to do things on your terms, especially when the result is your health is better and you feel better.  When you feel better, you are more likely to have the energy and desire to act on what you need to.   It starts with a shift in how you see yourself?  Are you a victim trapped by a crazy, hurtful roommate?  Or are you calling the shots?



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