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Let it Go. Let the Rain Wash You Clean

Rainy days tend to make me introverted and introspective.  My body wants a slower pace and my mind lingers from thought to thought.    As the drops fall from the sky, washing over my landscape, dust is settled, dirt swept away and leaves pushed into a pile.  The surface of the pool dances as the drops collide.  There is something about the smell of rain that brings a sense of newness, of cleanliness and of starting over.

It reminds me of some of the mental debris that can clutter our minds.  Feelings of failure, frustration and fatigue that often accompany high and low blood sugars, the daily vigil of trying to corral the concentration of glucose in your blood stream into an acceptable range, and the reality that it will never be perfect.  I invite you today to take a rainy day break (even if it is not raining where you are) and let go of some of those negative feelings.  Let them wash away from your mind.  Wipe it clean in preparation for some self-loving thoughts to grow.  You are doing a really good job at a nearly impossible task, just because you are doing it.



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