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If we could only remember how good it feels after it is done, when faced with doing it.

As I write this, I just finished some yard work and my hands are still shaking from the electric trimmers.  But it sort of feels good to feel the after effects of strenuous activity.  As I ponder this thought and notice these feelings, I am coming to the conclusion this is true about most anything that is hard or that requires a little mental energy to get started.  The other side of the work, the fear, the needle stick, the exercise, the uncomfortable conversation, the apology, the request,  or whatever mountain that is facing you, the other side feels much better.  But how often do we drag out getting started?  In effect spending more time in the painful place!    Backwards logic if you ask me.  The other side is so much better, we should take a page from Nike “Just Do It!”.



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