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Growth happens over time in the quiet . It may feel like rest.

In today’s world there is so much focus on achievement.  Go. Go. Go.  Get stuff done.  Accomplish.  Overcome.  Be productive.  And there is definitely a need to put our best self out there to achieve our goals.  That is one life lesson, I have learned well – even taken to the extreme at time.  I can “get ‘er done!”.   Some have said our culture is addicted to busy as a way to manage our anxiety.  I would not argue their point. Busy keeps us occupied, but at what cost?

When in doing mode, I have found I grow less – emotionally and spiritually anyway.    I am always inspired by nature and I notice growth in my garden each morning.  I notice my kids sprouting up overnight.  When “nothing” is going on, it seems things grow.  Perhaps it is because the body’s resources are not consumed with daily activities?   Can the same be true of our minds and spirits?  It is in the quiet, thoughtful moments when we are not focused on the 101 things we need to do that we can grow in our patience, our tolerance, our acceptance of ourselves, our acceptance of our circumstances in life, our acceptance of diabetes?  Something to ponder the next time you are contemplating a siesta, a nap, or a moment on a park bench.  Perhaps it isn’t rest you need, but growth?



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