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I Heart #Godwinks

For my husband and I, Godwinks are those little moments of delight where you notice a pattern, a similarity or an unusual connection.  When we met, we both had dogs named Riley/Reilly.  My mother and his father shared a birthday.  We both were born in Illinois and moved to Texas.  We both tended to order the same thing when having a cocktail.  To us these synchronicities were little signs that we were onto something good.  I still love when they happen!!  You meet a random stranger who shares a connection or common friend.  Your total at the grocery is an even dollar amount.  You have an idea and then see glimpses of it all around  you.  Your CGM and your meter have the same reading!  For me my unicorn number isn’t “100”, but “123” – I like something about the pattern.  Whatever it is, it brings an unexpected and little zing of delight!!  I love that feeling!  Almost like being a child again – full of wonder and amazement!!

Pay Attention when these happen.  I think it is God telling you something!



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