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When you need the world or someone else to change so you can feel better, you have given up your power.

It is so obvious in the news, in our communities and on social media that most people think their lives would be better if someone else would change.  Perhaps if the rest of the world were different and thought like they did, that all would be well.  What an expectation to have!!  Sort of silly if you think of it – to think if somehow everyone else on the planet knew exactly what every other  person needed and could behave in that manner all the time.  No more hurt feelings.  No more road rage. No more family feuds.  No more Jerry Springer drama! When you think about it, it is really quite absurd!  Yet we spend a lot of time trying to convince others to see things our way, or lash out in anger when they don’t act according to the secret plan in our head.

The truth is that NO ONE knows what is going on in anyone else’s head.  And NO ONE will ever see the world through your eyes.  And NO ONE will fix it for you.

The solution is a well kept secret.  YOU must change your expectations and you will feel better!



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