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How to love a diabetic: Treat them like a human, not a problem to be fixed

All of us want to feel love from those around us.  There have been many times in my life that I have felt like people forgot I have feelings and sometimes struggle to manage it all. This is never more true than at the doctor visits, where my “data” is investigated to find some imperfection to fix.  Shocker – I am never perfect!  Providers want to fix.  Loved ones want to guard.  I wasn’t diagnosed as a child, but I can empathize with parents who hover over their children to make sure all is OK.  I can’t imagine being that child and knowing I caused so much worry.  As an adult, I pretty much share (or not) what I want to with those around me.  I think it would feel much different to be the child.   I do know it feels so good when I am recognized for my smile, my wit, my intelligence or my heart.  It feels less good when I am judged on how well I perform as an artificial pancreas.
I’d love to hear your perspective if you grew up as a child with diabetes.    Do you feel like a disease to be managed?  Do you carry guilt? What was it like?
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