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If you want to feel better, no matter what the situation – Choose Gratitude.  When you feel grateful, you can’t feel down at the same time.  Just find one thing, no matter how small – clean air, fresh water, a roof over your head, someone that loves you, your pet, your church, God, your talent, your passion, the colors of the leaves.   For a few moments just think what it would be like without that thing.  Then see how you feel.  
For me today I had a really low blood sugar while walking.  I never like how that feels, but I was so grateful when I found a step to sit down on and for the granola bar in my pocket.  I enjoyed the fresh air until I “cleared up” and then got on about my business.  Yes I was low and I probably didn’t estimate the correct carbs in my banana, but I let that go and focused on something else.  And I didn’t suffer.

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