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Getting together with friends and family at Thanksgiving can be very stressful.  Well-meaning relatives can be intrusive, judgemental and in-your-face-annoying without realizing it.  “Can you eat that?”  “Should you have so much of that?” ‘You poor thing.” “Did you take your medication?”  “Did you check your sugar?” Do you ever feel like people are watching what goes on your plate, on your fork or in your mouth?  Do you ever just want the day to be over already??

I totally get it.  Been there.  Done that.  But I have learned a few tips on how to redirect the attention so the pressure is not on you. Here are some handy comebacks for Turkey Day Turkeys.  Feel free to use them at will!

  • Are you worried about me?  I have it under control, but thanks for the concern.
  • I noticed you watching my food, do you want some?
  • I appreciate the input, but it really makes me feel uncomfortable.  I’ll let you know if I need anything.
  • Do you have a specific question?  I’d be happy to tell you about it.
  • I can hear you talking about me, can I join the conversation and set the record straight?

Whatever you do, don’t get offended. It gives them the power.  Try not to take anything personally.   I am rubber, you are glue.  Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.  At some level, they want to help and feel helpless.  It’s their own anxiety they are trying to fix, not you.   It’s their brokenness, don’t get sucked in or feel like you need to change.

But seriously have a plan on how to get out of the uncomfortable places.   And if you need to sneak away for a while, do it!!!   I bet you can find a dog that needs to go for a walk!

You got this!

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