Diabetes During the Holidays – A simple tip

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There are so many things we don’t have a choice about with diabetes.  It is hard stuff and more unpredictable than the weather!
My hope for you this Holiday Season is that If you have the opportunity to make a choice, choose Joy!
There is so much to do during the holidays and expectations can skyrocket, so it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and lose your joy.  If this happens, take a moment to stop, take a deep breath and seek some fun in whatever you are doing.  Just remembering to have some fun may shift your perspective.
But, if that isn’t possible today because of illness, pain or struggle,  perhaps just leaning into gratitude for another day may boost your joy.
Either way, a simple pause, deep breath and intentional choice never hurts.
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Happy Holidays,
Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach

Patricia Daiker, Certified Nurse Coach specializing in Diabetes



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