My Christmas “unWish” to You!

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presence not presents

As I think back to the many Christmases I have spent wishing for things – wishing I wasn’t working in the ER, wishing I was home with family, wishing I wasn’t single, wishing for more sleep, wishing for fewer dishes to wash, wishing for a safe delivery of my child, wishing for a big company bonus, etc – I realize I lost all those moments I spent wishing.

I missed the relief a warm blanket probably made to a patient, I missed the peace of solitude and reflection while I was alone, I missed the expectancy of finding a prince charming, I missed the early morning rituals of the household arising for the day, I missed the satisfaction of my family after a good meal, I missed the feel of my baby moving in my belly, I missed the abundance I already have…..I missed being there for all that DID happen.

By its very nature, a wish is something you want in the future that you do not have.  I suppose that it isn’t a bad thing, but if our wishes are tied to our happiness we place ourselves in the position of never getting there.  It can create a fear of “missing out”, of “not enough”, of “not yet”, and “if only”.  All places of lack and we forget that true happiness comes from within and exists in the now.  So this holiday season, here is my ‘unwish’ to you.

Enjoy wherever you are.  Relax in that you are enough.  Let go of your need to “fix”. Notice those around you.  Accept people where they are.  Recieve graciously.  Love deeply.  And for my diabetic brethren, test and bolus away!

Happy Holidays!


Patricia %



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