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The choices you make today reflect what you believe about your tomorrow

In your deepest heart lies the truth of how you see yourself and what you believe the future holds.  That belief colors how you make decisions every day and most of the time, they are reactive choices about your current situation, not intentional decisions about where you want to go.  It is a very subtle distinction, but the key to manifesting what you desire.  Do you know that you will be 10 pounds lighter?  Then it won’t be hard to make better food choices.  Do you believe you will be sober and clean?  Then not drinking or using today makes a lot more sense.  Do you believe your A1c is under 6.5?  If you believe that, then making decisions today that follow that path is not a struggle.

Many people get stuck in “wanting” their future selves to be different, but not believing it.  When you want something, it means you don’t have it.  So wanting something in a day that may never come does not set you up to get there.  You will naturally do what you believe and agree with – that it is in the future.  Not now.  Start believing in your dreams.  Feeling them happen.  Acting them out.  Being the person you believe you really are – right now.  Think about it.  Decide who you are, then BE that person.

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