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It will feel better when it quits hurting

The wise words of my father are still true, he used to tell us those words when we fell down or had a small injury. “It will feel better when it quits hurting” Pain always passes – both physical pain and emotional pain. Needs sticks and finger pokes hurt for a moment, but the anticipation, for me, hurts worse. Similarly, emotional pain such as feelings of worry, doubt, insecurity, loneliness or fear also last a while and then fade. The trick is to notice these feelings for what they are ‘feelings”, understand the cause, and then try really hard to let them go and not focus on it. Easier said than done, but you suffer longer the more you pay attention to it. Pain can stay with us because we don’t remove the source (sort of like leaving a splinter in your finger) or we don’t let it heal (like picking a scab). Thoughts to ponder if you are hurting today. Take one small step toward feeling better.

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