Today’s decisions. Tomorrow’s ripples.

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One decision causing another chain reaction of movement.

Your life is made up of a series of thousands of decisions that change what you experience each day.  If you consider the number of decisions you will need to make in your lifetime, it is overwhelming.  But most of us don’t worry about the many decisions we will make tomorrow or next week such as what shoes to wear, what to eat, what radio station to listen to, which email to open first.  We just deal with them as they happen and move on.  Some of the choices have greater impact and we find ourselves revisiting them, perhaps regretting them or cheering them.  But each and every choice we make alters our course, if only a little bit, and we can never go back and change them.  Like the ripple, they move on.

This is a good attitude to have when managing diabetes or any other chronic illness.  If you focus on all you will have to do for the rest of your life, it feels scary and overwhelming.  Try to do just what you need to as you go about your day.  Learn from,  then let go of the “oops” (beating yourself up, never really accomplishes anything) but always be aware of the ripple effect that today’s actions will have on tomorrow.  Awareness and persistence are the keys to having some sense of control because your actions will impact the ripples.  Do something today that will make your tomorrow a happier place, because unlike kid’s games, there are no do-overs.  Once that decision is made, so is the ripple.

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