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The paradox of hypoglycemia When I am low – I look ‘high’

If you have diabetes, you have experienced Hypoglycemia.  My most memorable episode was at a convenience store – it was one of my first episodes.  I was confused, couldn’t think straight, incredibly hungry and unable to make a decision.  I stood in front of the cookie aisle, sweat pouring from me, looking at all this sugar that had been taboo for me, but now I needed it and I couldn’t decide which I wanted.   I swayed back and forth, blinked my eyes to try and clear my vision and finally selected Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chip.  I sat down in the aisle and feasted – unconcerned what anyone thought.  Cue the Bob Marley music – I am sure people thought I was high as a kite.  Alas, I was very low.



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