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If you don’t choose, someone or something else will choose for you.

If you are ever feeling out of control or like things are too much to deal with its time to make some choices.  The simple act of choosing puts you in the driver’s seat and helps reestablish a sense of control.   The choice may be about what to eat, when to test, which doctor to go to, what tasks to tackle today or even what you are going to wear.  Make a choice that feels bold, and true, and supports how you want to feel.  Put your stake in the ground, decide and then do it.  Whether large or small, doing something that you want to do and that aligns with your truth (your truth is the inner positive person that only you know, NOT your emotions) is empowering.  If you give that choice away or make a choice in reaction to a negativity you will likely continue to struggle.
If you are having a hard time figuring out your choices, I invite you to connect.  There is a better way.


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