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To Achieve Progress We Must Practice Persistence, Not Strive For Perfection

 Ever get frustrated because you are not doing it “good enough”?  Not eating perfectly, Not working out perfectly, Not checking your blood sugar as often as you should.  Not making enough progress. etc?  Quit being so hard on yourself! Perfection is NOT possible!  Many people have goals they can never achieve, so they feel that they are constantly failing, which leads to abandoning their efforts altogether.
Try a new approach. Congratulate yourself that you are doing the work and don’t be so concerned with the result.  That means you will always be successful because you are persistently on a good path.  In the long run, that attitude will make you feel better and stick with new habits.  I don’t always “do” diabetes perfectly, but I always “do” diabetes.
Keep up the good work or message me if you are struggling!  We got this!


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